AJAX Introduction

AJAX-Asynchronous Javascript AND XML


It is a process of sending multiple request to the server with irrespective of previous response.


It is browser-side scripting language, we can create AJAX object (XMLHttpRequest) and send to the server.


The data is transferred between browser & client in the form of XML.

AJAX has become one of the popular web-development technologies, enabling web application with highest performance. By using AJAX we can send a request to the webserver whitout submit a webpage. Web application without AJAX is synchronous process that is request send to the server or gettting information form the server after submit the page, but AJAX is is asynchronous, request made to server means without having to reload the current page.

Ajax is used upon javascript technology, javascript must be enalbed in the clinet browser when web applicatin is working with ajax. In normal web application any request made to server then complete page must reload. But When using ajax we can send a particular data request to the server and can add retrieved content that is DOM in current web page without reloading the page or submitting the page.

Technologies used in AJAX


  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  • the DOM

  • XML

Popular AJAX applications

  • Google Search

  • Flicker

  • Gmail

  • Google Maps etc...

How it works

Form the above diagram shows that request send form the browser and getting the response form the server to borwser that is sending request to the server without reloading the pgae using the object of XMLHttpRequest.

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