PHP Miscellaneous Function

Function Description
connection_aborted() Check whether client disconnected
connection_status() Returns connections status bitfield
connection_timeout() Check if the script timed out
constant() Returns the value of a constant
define() Defines named constant
defined() Checks whether a given named constant exists
die() Equivalent to exit
eval() Evaluate a string as PHP code
exit() Output a message and terminate the current script
get_browser() Tells what the user’s browser is capable of
__halt_compiler() Halts the compiler execution
highlight_file() Syntax highlighting of a file
highlight_string() Syntax highlighting of a string
ignore_user_abort() Set whether a client disconnect should abort script execution
pack() Pack data into binary string
php_check_syntax() Check the PHP syntax of (and execute) the specific file
php_strip_whitespaces() Return source with stripped comments and whitespace
show_soruce() Alias of highlight_file
sleep() Delay execution
sys_getloadavg() Gets system load average
time_nanasleep() Delay for a number of seconds and nanoseconds
time_sleep_until() Make the script sleep until the specified time
uniqid() Generate a unique ID
unpack() Unpack data form binary string
usleep() Delay execution in microseconds

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