PHP Function Handling Functions

Function Description
Call_user_func_array() Call a callback with an array of parameters
Call_user_func() Call the callback given by the first parameter
Create_function() Create an anonymous (lambda-style) function
Forward_static_call_array() Call a static method and pass arguments as array
Forward_static_call() Call a static method
Func_get_arg() Return an item from the argument list
Func_get_args() Returns an array comprising a function’s argument list
Func_num_args() Returns the number of arguments passed to the function
Function_exists() Return TRUE if the given function has been defined
Get_defined_functions() Returns an array of all defined functions
Register_shutdown_function() Register a function for execution on shutdown
Register_tick_function() Register a function for execution on each tick
Unregister_tick_function() De-register a function for execution on each tick

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