PHP Character Functions

The functions provided by this extension check whether a character or string falls into a certain character class according to the current locale


Beginning with PHP 4.2.0 these functions are enabled by default. For older versions you have to configure and compile PHP with --enable-ctype. You can disable ctype support with --disable-ctype. Builtin support for ctype is available with PHP 4.3.0.

Runtime Configuration

This extension has no configuration directives defined in php.ini

PHP Ctype Functions List

Function Description
ctype_alnum() Check for alpha numeric character(s)
ctype_alpha() Check for alphabetic character(s)
ctype_cntrl() Check for control character(s)
ctype_digit() Check for numeric character(s)
ctype_graph() Check for any printable character(s) except space
ctype_lower() Check for lowercase character(s)
ctype_print() Check for printable character(s)
ctype_punct() Check for any printable character which is not whitespace or an alphanumeric character
ctype_space() Check for whitespace character(s)
ctype_upper() Check for uppercase character(s)
ctype_xdigit() Check for character(s) representing a hexadecimal digit

PHP Ctype Predefined Contstants

Ctype has no constants defined.

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