5 Reason Why We Need Mentor?

Does every need to start learning coding from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at the beginning?

New technologies, concepts, and frameworks update the software industry daily. Also, With thousands of online courses and camps, learning how to program becomes a problem. So which ones are the most worth learning?

A personal mentor helps beginners plan their careers consideredly. Understand what type of position, industry, or skills are suited for them. The value of a good mentor is immeasurable. With guidance, your careers can be smooth and avoid wasteful paths.

We have collected and compiled a list of ten mentors who have been most helpful to our students.

1. Avoid Learning Unnecessary Skills

Common tutorials start with HTML, CSS, or Javascript, which is probably the easiest way to learn and see results. But it might not help you join the company you want or be in the position you like.

Unfortunately, people spend months or even a year learning unrelated skills.

We believe these skills are helpful sometimes, and of course, being proficient in one more skill often brings a more holistic view of the software industry as a whole. Still, we could be more efficient with a mentor. Choose what to learn from the objects we aspire to become.

2. Find Those Key Learning Factors

Ideally, we would be able to thoroughly understand computer science and the underlying data structures and algorithms. Then, through solid learning, we could become qualified and competent engineers.

But in reality, this kind of learning is tedious and discouraging. So instead, we should start with the most needed knowledge, quickly piece together our work, and learn the necessary skills to take our work to the next level.

These skills are not complex, but they often require years of work experience to understand what is essential in the general development process.

3. Understand Industry You are Interested In

What industries we join can make a big difference. Domain knowledge can impact software systems' architecture, what each engineer does, and how they work together. For example, people might want to be a product builder in social media and advertising companies, super support in e-commerce, or a brain in a big consulting team.

Continuously explore your interests and bring them up for discussion with your mentors. Find your imaginary job type from their experience and prepare for your specific industry to increase your chances of getting your dream job.

4. Help You Choose The Correct Position

The industry influences how a team of engineers works with the organization, and the position is what role we should play in the group. We must consider which place in the team is more suitable for us. Start by learning about the surprises of such functions as front-end, back-end engineer, data engineer, SRE, or architect.

Those who like to create graphics or participate in user interface design are front-end or mobile engineers. In contrast, those who want traffic challenges or designing computing logic are perhaps back-end engineers. Learning more about different jobs and technical details and maximizing your investment in that area early in your career or during your learning process will allow you to develop more smoothly early in your career and move more quickly into more advanced areas.

5. Learn Soft Skills

There are many soft skills in coding, which are not as easy to learn as the general programming language, but more often rely on the engineer's experience. And these soft skills are often the critical factor in judging whether an engineer is good or bad. For example, we always hear people discussing clean code, but there is no fixed standard for clean code, just a few core strategies that extend to various contexts. Learning the necessary soft skills for mentors, or avoiding apparent mistakes, can set you apart from other engineers of the same level.


The software engineering industry is so complex that deciding the direction of learning is often more complicated than the learning itself. Still, we rely on a lot of experience to make the right decisions. Therefore, the most efficient way to find a suitable mentor is to use the CodingShip platform to match you with a mentor who suits your needs, learn about your industry and job through their experience, or join your dream company.

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