Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is an advanced method of marketing products and services. It's an interactive way to reach the customers and is being practiced by most of the traders and businessmen across the globe. The companies create short, interactive and relevant messages specifically to deliver on mobile devices.

Now let's go through Mobile Marketing, it's priority levels in the present day and understands how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of a campaign.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign.

  • Nowadays mobile marketing has become a common technique that almost every company is pursuing some kind of mobile marketing campaign. Companies like Amazon, General Motors etc use the same technique.

  • We all are aware that the use and influence of mobile phones today have gone up since the days of the simple text & voice messages. Nowadays people do everything online like shopping, booking tickets etc. The following are some mobile marketing campaign, adopted by the companies

  • SMS Campaign

  • Mobile Website Campaign

  • Mobile Apps Campaign

  • Mobile Advertising Campaign

  • Mobile Social Media Marketing Campaign

  • Mobile Email-Marketing Campaign

  • M-Commerce Campaign

Technology & Reach

  • Within very less time Mobile technology has grown leaps and bounds. The journey from the clunky wireless phone to sleek smartphone(a mini computer) has been peppered by a number of amazing innovations and discoveries.

  • With the availability of 3G & 4G mobiles today, users can do a lot more with their smartphones than just sending a voicemail or SMS like They can browse the web, check the weather, read a book, prepare a to-do-list, carry their favorite music around, find their way around a new city with GPRS, and so much more.

  • The following top 5 different ways in which mobile technologies have changed the way users interact with mobile devices?
  1. Anywhere anytime access

  2. Mobile Apps are easier than websites

  3. Advertisements should be personalized

  4. Social media is a prime channel

  5. Mobiles are turning into mini-computers

Strategies & Policies

Strategies :

Market research related to your business is the first step. Here are some tips on what kinds of research you should be doing?

  • Research how mobile marketing is done in your industry, you can join online forums or partner with someone;

  • Gather data relevant to your product or service such as case studies, research analysis reports, whitepapers, etc.; and

  • Do a comparative analysis by surfing their websites, press releases, online campaign, etc.

  • Identifying Target Audience

  • Define the Value of Offerings

  • Outline all Goals & Objectives clearly

Policies :

Mobile Marketing policy: It is to maintain the consumer privacy standards, which is very important for the smooth running of a marketing campaign. It is done by guarding mobile users against undesirable communications on their mobile phones.

Some points to be focussed and planned while defining Mobile Marketing Strategies-

  • Identify your target audience.

    • Decide medium you will be using. A plot where you would like to shine. Say social media platforms, mobile websites, etc.
  • Set a predefined goal. You need to plan what you want to achieve. Make your goals measurable, realistic, timely, and quantifiable.

  • Research the market trends. Understanding the Market is what every marketing person anticipates for. Ensure you draw near the right.

  • Phrase your message. Write down, how will you make your audience hear it?

  • Prepare invitees list, whom you want to share your content.

  • Track and analyze how well are you going.

  • Optimize/identify the areas where you lack.

Mobile Marketing - SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign is a popular marketing technique of present-day business world practiced by most of the companies that allow you to interact with your customers via text. To promote products and services, it is the simplest, fastest, and the most economical technique.

What is SMS Campaign?

SMS a simple text-message which is known to everyone. It consists of 160-alphanumeric characters that you send out to your customers. It is one of the oldest forms of direct message marketing. A message can also be sent on social media like twitter, facebook etc other than through mobiles. It is easy to deliver any type of content to your consumers, whether it is news, banking details, polling programs, coupon deliveries, order updates, and so on and so forth.

Some basic requirements that you need to fulfill to get started with your SMS campaign?

  • A Text Messaging Platform

  • Creating a User Flow Diagram

  • Carrier Approval Certification

  • Common Short Codes

  • An Opt-in Marketing Program

Benefits :

Now texting has become easy and popular all over the world. Almost every company uses this SMS campaign. So, it's an easy method that everyone wants to choose.

Mobile Website Marketing Strategies

What is Mobile Website?

As the number of mobile users is growing exponentially the term mobile website is increasingly gaining acceptance. Latest technologies such as HTML5 allow front-end developers to create mobile responsive websites. It offers a clutter-free navigation feature. The website pages that get downloaded faster on mobile devices are intuitively designed.

For your business, you can design intuitive websites such that it should be easy for the users to find the information they need in a few clicks. These mobile websites can be separated under a different domain name from your primary website and be hosted. Moreover, different websites can be designed for different products and services you provide.

Mobile Apps Marketing Strategies

Mobile applications have become very famous and are in rage today. The reason behind this is pretty simple – a mobile application is more personal than a website. Customers can easily download an application if they like what it offers or if they have a need for it.

What is a Mobile App?

Basically, a mobile app is defined as a computerized program developed especially to run on mobile devices including mobile smartphones, tablets etc. Before you take any further step you have to think about this question - does your business need a mobile application? For example, gaming websites do really require Mobile App.

If you're sure to develop a mobile application strategy, follow these two points

  • Design Your App for Multiple Devices and Platforms

  • Different Ways to Market Your Mobile Application

Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

Mobile advertisement is growing much faster than any other advertisement mode. Mobile advertisement is probably the simplest way to send promotional text messages about different products & services and the quickest way to reach a larger section of your customer base.

What is Mobile Advertisement Ecosystem?

It is a simple and common technique to promote your product and services through mobile devices. It includes simple text messaging to intelligent interactive ad messages.

Mobile Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a vital role in today’s day and age. It has become common in today's world. Commenting, chatting, tweeting and liking other’s comments have become a routine exercise. By taking this as an advantage, many businesses promoting their products and services using social media as a channel.

What is Mobile Social Media Marketing?

It is an easy technique for marketing via social media on devices like mobiles and laptops. It is known in a research that nearly 71% of users access social media on mobile devices. Mobile devices come handy to users, they are overtaking laptops/desktop-computers; thus, making them a great channel for advertising and so are the social media get influenced by them. Advertisers find mobile devices more convincing ground than web and consider it as the perfect medium for marketing.

Understanding Mobile Users

Users use Mobile devices to navigate the world. Customers use mobile devices for all aspects of their needs. They act accordingly on the information they see. So advertisers need to extend online advertising and should strive to be seen on mobiles.

Mobile Users ? Statistics

Statistics revealed in a survey conducted by Google in partnership with Ipsos OTX MediaCT on 5000+ users. 89% use smartphone throughout the day. And out of this - Out of this?

  • users stay connected - 89%

  • users research and read the news - 82%

  • users navigate75 - %

  • users entertain - 65%

  • users manage and plan - 45%

  • uses mobile devices to make the purchase - 70%

  • Around 82% notice ads on mobile devices & out of which around 42% go ahead and click on ads

Ways to know Mobile Audience:

The following are methods to understand more about your mobile audience?

  • Measure user recordings. This sometimes makes it easy to trap users’ behavior.

  • Heat maps - They give you information about the breakdown of users’ action.

  • App analytics give you an insight into the user’s psyche and all the actions they do on their screens.

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